Technical Management

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We at PT. Metro Ocean Services focus on managing Owner vessels within an agreed budget in a safe and efficient manner. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced staff on board and ashore will manage Owners vessels within stipulated budget and will ensure smooth and safe operations.

All vessels technically managed by us will be maintained to a high industry standard by following a planned maintenance program.

We monitor vessel’s performance closely to ensure maximum operating efficiency.

Ships under our charge are visited regularly by our superintendents to follow up on all aspects of technical and operational matters.
Our Technical Superintendents will be allocated to Owners vessels basis his track record and vessel type experience.

Ships are normally inspected at regular intervals by the technical superintendent to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities, however in some cases it is possible for more frequent visits to ensure consistent follow up and smooth operations.

Our Technical Ship Management team provides –
  • Management of on board maintenance and associated repair plan
  • Drydock repairs
  • Consultation with regulatory agencies
  • Coordination of vetting inspections and post-inspection action planning
  • Safety and Security assessments and awareness training as required
  • Internal / External Audit corrective action implementation

Our Technical team focuses on following key aspects of ship management practices -
  • Daily monitoring of the vessel
  • Follow-up on defect tracking sheet in close coordination with ship staff.
  • Technical diagnosis and Root cause analysis.