Safety Policy

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PT. Metro Ocean Services (MOS) shall :
  • Have clearly defined plans and practices in place related to all business activities, which ensure good occupational health and safety of all concerned.
  • To place a system, by way of documented process, in the shore office and on board our managed vessels for identifying all risks and establish appropriate barriers to mitigate them.
  • To continuously improve, by training and motivation,the safety and work skills of personnel on shore and on board our managed vessels.
  • Provide services to our customers while following all national, international laws, rules and regulations linked to our business.
  • Remain introspective of our policies and processes through effective review of our systems from time to time, so that necessary changes in the policies can be brought about when required.
  • Remain sensitive to the environment and strive to protect and enhance it during the course of operating all our business.
  • Strive to continually improve the quality of our services to our customers, reduce negative impact of our activities on the environment, and improve the health and safety standards within the organization.
  • Support the security of our assets, ports and the world at large.
  • Work towards development and efficient management of human resources in the system through right selection and recruitment practices, and continuous development of people through training and upgradation programs.

Company policies will be communicated to our managed vessels and our partners to demonstrate our commitment and compliance. All policies will be placed on company’s website, in order to inform all.