Crew Management

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PT. Metro Ocean Services can provide the best crew for diverse fleets according to requirements and tenants while gathering relationships that are beneficial for the organization and at the incase of motivating and retaining the crew in the long run.

We offer Management Services that facilitate training, selection, recruitment and sustainable development of Seafarers.

We value human resource management about people and believe in the strength of team work, safety of the work environment, professionalism and well-being of seafarers keeping in mind their career goals while choosing the right combination of workers that is essential for a safe, efficient and comfortable reliable ship.

PT. Metro Ocean Services made an agreement with a global training institution where the training standards were given to seafarers. This is further coupled with established practical training on board.

MOS's philosophy of paying for quality, which results in long-term savings. The compensation offered to seafarers will be equivalent to the best in the industry.

We strongly believe that it is not enough to have the only employment contract, the basis of employer-employee relations; but we will try to maintain relationships by building contracts to maintain our human resources and further improve word of mouth.